Veteran's Memorial

Donald F. Gallino has been involved with many Community Service Projects over the years.  The Veterans Memorial Monument shown here was built in 2008 and is located in Ono, California.  The monument is built with Marble and the work consisted building a foundation, epoxying the monument to the base to the concrete foundation with drilled dowels and then epoxied the monument to the base with epoxy and steel dowels.




Other projects include the Shasta District Fair the Farm Building including the concrete and supervised the construction with a local Rotary

Built the Shay Steam Engine Shade structure at Turtle Bay Museums.  Consisted of drilling homes for the concrete posts and putting the trusses needed.

Caldwell Park Teen Center was built as a volunteer opeation by Donald F. Gallino Inc.

The Rural Route Directory that is currently being used as the RABA bus station was put up by Donald F. Gallino Inc.